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I wish this were a joke but it is not.

The manufacturer of body armor for children has reported high sales to parents and schools concerned about school shootings.

“The alarming rate of school shootings across the country appears to have added an unsettling new item to parents’ list of “back to school” items: bulletproof armor for their children. Among such items, the Bodyguard Blanket, a portable, bulletproof covering for children, has seen its sales exceed its manufacturer’s expectations in less than two weeks on the market….As reported first in the Oklahoman, the blanket was conceived to protect children during natural disasters. The blanket is made “with the same bullet resistant materials that shield our soldiers in battle,” according to one advertisement. In the event of a tornado — or shooting — children can wrap themselves in the blanket in a duck-and-cover position to shield from bullets, debris or other projectiles.”

At $1,000 each, the Bodyguard Blanket is not likely to fly off the shelves. But its very existence indicates a bizarre acceptance of the intolerable and the unthinkable. A saner society would enact laws to restrict access to weapons.

I must begin by saying this is satire.

If I don’t, some readers will take it seriously.

It was written by Paul Karrer, an elementary teacher in California.

He is responding to the demand from some quarters that teachers should be armed.

Read here and see what Paul thinks.

Soon after the tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, conspiracy theorists began to claim that the events of that morning were an elaborate hoax.

The conspiracy story was debunked here by Snopes.

We are expected to believe that hundreds of people–parents, townspeople, police, and media, as well as the President–collaborated to stage this “hoax.” Everyone you saw on television, say the conspiracy theorists, was a “crisis actor,” paid to play a part. The media didn’t notice. Allegedly the entire town of Newtown, Connecticut, is akin to “The Truman Show,” where everyone is a paid actor.

This blog received letters that asked questions like “Did you see Adam Lanza’s body? Did you see the bodies of the children?” That was supposedly “evidence” that the massacre was staged as a way to take away the rights of gun owners. Just yesterday, I deleted comments that made the same assertions. Let me be clear: I will not post any letters claiming that the Sandy Hook massacre was a staged event. I will delete them because they are conspiracy trash.

What accounts for this paranoia?

A security guard at a charter school in Michigan left his gun in a student bathroom.

He forgot it.

Fortunately, the weapon was unloaded.

What kind of security does he provide with an unloaded weapon?

What would he do if an intruder had an assault weapon?

A new thought experiment among teachers and principals: Which staff member do you NOT want to see armed?

Eclectablog is one of my favorites. I don’t know the writer, but he or she is super smart and witty, which is a great combination.

Here is a post explaining that an armed guard in every school (132,000 schools of all kinds) would cost something north of $10 billion.

That’s lot of moola-boola on new weaponry.

It also means another 132,000 guns in the schools.

Eclectablog refers to this as “gun porn.”

Be sure to open this link. You need a good laugh today.