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One of the great all-time Broadway shows was Mel Brooks’ “The Producers,” starring Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane (based on the movie with Zero Mostel). The two men were failed producers who came up with a brilliant idea: raise lots of money to produce a really terrible play, which would quickly close as a flop. They would raise money by promising investors a large share of the ownership, totaling more than 100%. They would keep the money as soon as the play closed and get rich.

The play they picked was a musical called “Springtime for Hitler,” a concept so ludicrous that Bialystock and Bloom were sure it would close after the first performance. But audiences thought it was a parody, and they loved it. To the producers’ shock, their terrible play was a huge hit.

In this spoof recreated by Broderick and Lane, they are now political consultants trying to find the worst political candidate for President and raise millions that they could pocket after he flopped.

I promise you: This is hilarious!

It’s only flaw is that it can’t compete with real life, which is beyond parody!

This is a very funny recap of the awful Presidential “debate,” filmed today by Stephen Colbert.

Watch Stephen protect his kitty from Donald Trump.

This is another priceless John Oliver review, this one about the last few days of the increasingly disgusting election campaign. As he says at the outset, he taped it just before the “debate,” but his comments are priceless and hilarious. And I forgive his use of four-letter words, which are necessary in context.

It takes a comedian or a cartoonist to explain the nutty world of education reform.

Check out this great cartoon by Dilbert, giving a fast explanation of the idiocy of VAM.


PS: Thanks for KrazyTA for sending me the cartoon and also giving the correct link!

Garrison Keillor just concluded an in-depth investigation, which revealed that Donald Trump was not born in America. It is behind a paywall nut if you google, you can get it.

He writes:

I know, it seems outrageous, But it’s getting a lot of attention on some very respectable Web pages – which mainstream media won’t mention:

Donald Trump was not born in Queens,

He was born in the Philippines,

In a hotel in downtown Manila.

Where his hair turned bright vanilla

Due to vitamin deficiencies.

His mom and dad were Celanese

And left him with Franciscan nuns

At the age of fourteen months.

Adopted on the 3rd of June

By a real estate tycoon

Who took the little boy away

To a mansion in the U.S.A.

Bestowing on him great largesse

And naturalized him more or less.

The record of his nativity

Is kept under lock and key

With his tax returns, the MRIs

Showing what’s behind his eyes

Including, according to rumor,

A diverticulated tumor.

I hope it isn’t true, although

It comes from folks who ought to


A week ago, a panhandler in Times Square sat holding a sign, “Give me a dollar or I’ll vote for Trump,” and people laughed and reached into their pockets. His bucket overflowed. He stuffed the bills into his jacket and other panhandlers looked at him with admiration. The man could’ve sold franchises and retired to Palm Beach.

The panhandler knows what every New Yorker knows, which is that the biggest con job since the Trojan horse is taking place in our midst. Millions of Americans are planning to cast their votes for a man who has lived his life contrary to all of their most cherished values. They are respectful, honest, generous, loyal, modest, church-going people with no Mafia connections and good credit records who try not to spout off about things they know nothing about.

I have gotten many chuckles by following “Mrs. Betty Bowers” @bettybowers on Twitter.

Here is my favorite, which she posted the day that Hillary became ill:

Was it Kay Jewelers or Hallmark that said: “Pneumonia is fleeting, but Narcissistic Personality Disorder is forever.”?

From mining her twitter feed, I have discovered that she is a comedienne named Deven Green.

Watch the teachers of Bayshore on Long Island in New York at their conference day as they create a flash mob that satirizes Common Core, stats, and Governor Cuomo!

John Oliver’s very sharp critique of charter schools went viral. In one week, it has had more than 5 million views.

The San Francisco Mime Troupe performs free in parks across northern California all summer. Their current performance satirizes what is called “education reform.”

In “Schooled,” the San Francisco Mime Troupe argues that the purpose of education is to build citizens, to prepare young adults to make informed decisions in their civic life. The company’s free summer show of its 57th season also makes a compelling case that art is foundational to a healthy democracy.

As is tradition, the troupe will stage this show in parks throughout Northern California until Labor Day, so the context of each performance will vary greatly. But as performed in Dolores Park on the Fourth of July, “Schooled” juxtaposed stark extremes.
The Mime Troupe is run as a collective, with “The Communist Manifesto” required reading for all members. All its shows impart that work’s philosophy. “Schooled” is no different. It pillories the flaws in the U.S. education system, especially its dependency on digital technology as a Band-Aid for deeper structural problems — underfunding, the achievement gap — and, in tandem, its overreliance on the corporations that profit from that technology.

In “Schooled,” the evil corporation is Learning Academy of Virtual Achievement, or LAVA, which seeks to “spread” to Eleanor Roosevelt High School. LAVA’s emissary is Fredersen J. Babbit (Lisa Hori-Garcia), a dead ringer for Donald Trump, complete with the hair and mucus-ridden vocal cords. He peddles learning tablets, cleverly rendered by the props department with an iridescent surface, so that as an actor rotates one, its screen shimmers in the sun.

Public schooling is not a Communist idea; it is a democratic idea. It is the way the entire community takes responsibility for the learning of the children of the community.

The bad guys are not just the guys peddling technology and wanting to make a buck. The bad guys are the ones who insist on privatizing what belongs to the public and use their money to buy support.

Humorist Andy Borowitz notes the reports that the Trump campaign is short on cash. He says that Trump will auction New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on EBay to raise money.

What do you think he will raise?