Bill Phillis points to  the latest online charter scams. He forgot to mention the A3 scam in California, in which eleven people were indicted based on allegations that they embezzled between $50-80 million by inflated enrollments and phantom students.


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Indiana and Oklahoma online charters caught stealing tax dollars
It should not be surprising that online charters steal tax funds for students not enrolled. This charter sector is unregulated and is typically not monitored effectively.
The Indiana experience with online charters seemed to surprise Indiana officials despite stories from news publications going back several years. Two online charters stole $40 million.
Oklahoma officials have charged an online charter (EPIC) of inflating enrollment to steal $10 million.
ECOT may be at the top of the list of thieves in charterland. State officials have documented over $110 million that the ECOT Man stole. There were at least 10 years Ohio officials didn’t even check the ECOT enrollment data.
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