There was much gnashing of teeth in establishment Democratic circles when 29-year-Old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes beat high-ranking Congressman Joe Crowley. Upstart! How dare she?

But don’t cry for Joe Crowley. He has landed a job at one of DC’s top lobbying firms, which represents fossil fuels, private prisons, and other distinctly non-liberal corporations. 

Since I’m meeting AOC in a week to talk about education, I started reading about her. Clearly Republicans are obsessed with her to the point of madness. I worry about her safety.

I liked this article in Vox.

This satirical piece by the wonderful Alexandra Petri in the Washington Post made me laugh out loud. 

It starts:

“Enough is enough! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needs to stop inserting herself into our every waking moment!

“I am sick of hearing about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from my voice talking about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I would like to spend just one day without seeking out, looking at and commenting on pictures of her everywhere she goes. It would be nice, just once, not to have to be enraged by clicking on an article that mentions her name, and then another, and then another. Just once I want to spend a day without bringing her up, unprovoked, in the middle of a discussion of an unrelated subject.

I just don’t know why people are so obsessed with her, specifically, myself. Why has she compelled me to type her name so many times that when I type the letter “A,” my phone supplies “OC”? It is a conspiracy, I think.

“Just yesterday, I had to listen to an exhausting, 10-minute lecture from some idiot who would not shut up about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, only to discover that it was myself, talking to myself. This happens every day.

“Why is it that when I look into fire, her face emerges and when I gaze at the spots on a cow (She hates the cows! She wants to destroy them!), I see what appears to be her profile? How can it be that this week alone I have read 18 articles about her, two of which I did not write?” And more in that vein.

I think I have figured out why so many of those curmudgeons not only don’t like her, they hate her. She is not only young and joyful but she has the ideals they long ago lost. They are jealous. They are not young. They are not joyful. And they have no ideals, just deals.