Writing in the Washington Post, Randall Ballmer writes that Alabama Senate candidate is ignorant of the Constitution and of his own religion, both of which he consistently misrepresents.


Moore asserts that the Founders intended “freedom of religion” in the First Amendment for Christians only because they knew no other religion. Ballmer shows that this claim is demonstrably untrue.

Moore also misrepresents the history of Baptists, who staunchly defended separation of church.

He misrepresents Evangelical religion too.

“Historically, evangelicalism once stood for people on the margins, those Jesus called “the least of these.” Evangelicals in the 19th century advocated public education, so that children from less-affluent families could toe the first rungs of the ladder toward socioeconomic stability. They worked for prison reform and the abolition of slavery. They advocated equal rights, including voting rights, for women and the rights of workers to organize. The agenda of 19th- and early-20th-century evangelicals is a far cry from that of Moore and the religious right. I leave it to others to determine which version of “evangelical values” better comports with the words of Jesus, who instructed his followers to visit the prisoners, feed the hungry, welcome the stranger and care for the needy.”

It is so important to know history.