An unnamed child was suspended by Success Academy Charter School for 45 days after having been accused of physically assaulting his teacher.

“When a 55-pound first-grader tussled with Success Academy Prospect Heights’ assistant principal, the boy’s mom believes the fight was fixed.

“The 7-year-old, already battling a disability, was removed from class for a whopping 45 days after school officials said he hurled a stool at the woman and dragged her down a hallway by the hair.

“His mother and lawyer came out swinging against the accusations, claiming the staff unfairly targeted the boy. They say the student was suspended 10 times since the beginning of January.

“He’s just a child,” said the mom, who asked to remain anonymous because her son and a daughter are still enrolled at the school. “They’ve been trying to push him out of the school since day one.”

Success Academy is not very successful with children with disabilities. They are “not a good fit” for a high-performing charter school.