Bill Phillis of the Ohio Equity notes that significant numbers of charters in Ohio are failing. He has a modest proposal: let high-performing districts take over failing charters.

He writes:

“A proposed plan for high-performing school districts to take over the failing Ohio charter school industry

The idea for this plan was concocted after reading Diane Ravitch’s blog referencing a proposal by the Superintendent of the Cypress-Fairbanks school district in Texas. He proposed that his high performing district takeover and manage failing charter schools in Texas.

Here is a plan for Ohio. Divide the state into five or more regions. Identify all of the top-rated school districts in each region and assign each low performance charter school to a district. For example–a designated district in central Ohio would take over the management of Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) and other low-performing charter schools in central Ohio. Ohio Virtual Academy and other low performers would be assigned a designated district in northwest Ohio. The charter sponsors would be eliminated to save costs and the management companies would be fired. Charters that don’t meet the expectations of the school district would be closed and students reassigned.

The public school districts, having eliminated the charter profit centers would plow those savings into the education of students.

This plan would have the added benefit of complete transparency and accountability.

William Phillis
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