Bob Braun reports that three of the Newark principals who spoke against school closings were reinstated, and two were assigned to the central office.

The national reaction to Anderson’s “indefinite suspension” of the five may have led to the reinstatement of the three. It seems they did nothing worse than disagree with the plan to close down public education in a substantial part of Newark, which violated their principles.

The state-appointed superintendent for Newark, Cami Anderson, plans to privatize one-third of Newark’s public schools. The public, which has had no voice in school policy since 1995, reacted with outrage.

Legislation was introduced in the state legislature to stop the school closings.

The mayoral candidate leading the fight against the closings, Ras Baraka, is ahead in the polls.

Chris Christie’s efforts to hand the public schools over to private charter operators has hit some speed bumps and may eventually run into a brick wall if the state legislature supports the people of Newark.