An organization called Public Impact in North Carolina has this cool new idea–actually, not so new, because Bill Gates has been pushing it for a few years: What if school districts selected only the most excellent teachers, fired the bad teachers, and increased the class sizes of the really excellent teachers? Then the really excellent teachers could make more money, the school system would have fewer teachers and would save money. It is a win-win-win! Right?

But what if the excellent teachers are only excellent when they have 28 students in their class and stop being excellent when they have 36?

What if they have 36 students and 10 of them are English learners and 8 have disabilities? Will they still be excellent teachers if they don’t have classroom aides?

Public Impact calls this idea the “Opportunity Culture.” It is a chance to have only excellent teachers in every classroom. It is a chance to cut costs by increasing class size.

The reactionary Legislature in North Carolina loves this report.

Are you surprised that the report was subsidized by the Gates Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, and the Joyce Foundation, with advice from the Gates-funded Teach Plus and the Gates-funded Educators 4 Excellence. The latter two groups consist of young ex-teachers who want large classes and more money.

What do you think?