This is a disturbing interview with Nevada’s State Superintendent of Instruction James Guthrie.

Nevada is 18th in the nation in teachers’ salaries but Guthrie seems to think they are overpaid.
He is certain there are large numbers of bad teachers in the state.

He has the governor’s ear. In his State of the State address, Governor Sandoval made clear that he wants more of those TFA to come to Nevada and raise scores and close the achievement gap.

In his State of the State, the governor said,

“”One of the most successful programs in the country today is Teach for
America – a unique corps of brilliant young leaders from America’s top
universities, who give their time and talent as teachers in schools
that need them most.

“These teachers help spur innovation and creativity in instruction that
makes the entire system better.

“Teach for America has helped make a difference in the lives of
hundreds of Nevada’s students.

“But we can do more.

I am proposing a new investment in Teach for America to help recruit,
train, develop, and place top teacher and leadership talent in

So instead of investing in career educators who plan to stay with their schools for the long run, the governor plans to invest in 22-year-old college graduates who have 5 weeks of training and commit to stay for only two years.

Dumb thinking. Poor planning.