My informants in New Orleans forwarded a story that appeared in the local Times-Picayune. The story begins as the usual paean of praise to the miracle of New Orleans,where public education was wiped out and most children now attend charter schools. But at mid-point, the story takes a surprising turn.

It quotes an article I wrote in the New York Review of Books that questioned both the miracle of charters and the claims of Teach for America. Then the article cites at length the research of Charles Hatfield, who methodically reviewed the performance of the charters in the Reovery School district and found it decidedly non-miraculous.

Ordinarily, it would not be news to find a balanced news story on a controversial issue. But from what I have heard, the charter media machine has worked hard to establish the miracle narrative, especially in the local New Orleans press. This story, I’m told, is a breakthrough. Questions are raised. Critics of the official line are allowed to speak and be heard.

Read it. Good reporting.Maybe the corporate reform facade is beginning to get the scrutiny it deserves.