Anyone who writes on a computer–as almost everyone does these days–is subject to two kinds of dangers.

One is auto-correct. This feature, which I frankly loathe, will take a minor spelling error made in haste and substitute completely different language that changes the meaning of what you wrote.

The other is that if you make a mistake and leave out a letter, the word may make sense yet be embarrassingly wrong.

The most common spelling error for anyone who writes often about education is to type the word “public” as in “public school” and leave out the letter L.

If you don’t proofread carefully, you are likely to be embarrassed.

That is an appropriate punishment for failure to proofread.

Since I have made many inadvertent spelling errors on this blog, due to haste, I am careful not to sneer at others who do the same. My excuse, such as it is, is that I have no editorial staff, no assistant, no one to check out what I wrote before I post.

When you do have a professional staff, it is truly embarrassing when a big error goes by unnoticed.

Look at this ad in a Tacoma, Washington, newspaper for a “pubic charter school.”

This perhaps calls attention to the fact that many people consider charter schools to be a form of privatization.

Maybe someone deleted that L on purpose.