Thank you, readers of this blog.

Last week, this blog has passed the mark for 2,000,000 page views.

I started it on April 26, 2012. It reached one million hits in mid-September. And reached a new milestone a few days ago.

The number of page views, however, is far less significant than the fact that the blog has created a space where educators, parents, school board members, and many others concerned about the future of schools tune in. We have become a community, a place to discuss issues, a place where the voices of educators and parents are heard and respected.

I moderate everything myself. I don’t censor any opinions, although I do not permit cursing and as a matter of personal privilege, do not like insults directed at me. It is my blog, after all. Those who feel they must write something nasty about me are invited to post it elsewhere.

My goal is to have a place where we can discuss better education for all. I don’t expect readers to agree with me, nor would I want them too. We have some regular contributors who disagree with me and with most readers consistently, but so long as they are civil and don’t try to monopolize the conversation, they too are welcome.

We haven’t solved the big problems, but we have together created a good place to discuss them.

As regular readers know, I sometimes forget to add a link, and you are quick to let me know when it happens so I can fix it. And sometimes my iPad makes an autocorrect error. You always forgive my trespasses, for which I am grateful. Bear in mind, whatever you see on this blog passed through my hands, no one else’s. I have no staff, no social media specialist. It’s just me.

I thank you for helping me and joining in this unusual endeavor.