An article in The Atlantic by a political reporter named Molly Ball claims that Michelle Rhee is “taking over” the Democratic Party.

It curious that Rhee owns the party but was not invited to speak and explain her views. So many speakers ridiculed Mitt Romney because, they said, he likes to fire people. Funny, Rhee likes to fire people too. When she ran the DC schools, she invited a PBS camera crew to watch her fire a principal.

I wrote to the author of this article. You should too. Post a copy here if you do. Her email address is in the article.

This is what I wrote:

Would a Democrat work to promote a for-profit chain?
Would a Democrat work with Republican governors Rick Scott, Chris Christie, and Mitch Daniels?
What part of Rhee’s agenda differs from that of the most rightwing Republicans?
What Democrat would have accepted an honor from the far-right voucher-loving organization American Federation for Children, which simultaneously honored Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker?
Nothing that Rhee advocates has ever succeeded.
Neither charters nor vouchers nor merit pay nor evaluating teachers by test scores has any evidence of improving education.
Diane Ravitch