After reading another post, this teacher explained why she would not teach in a private school again:

I taught at a private school once in my career. The owners micromanaged us like vultures circling. We were told in so many words not to give grades below a C.  While they were in the early years they were not super selective as long as your parents could pay the $10,000 tuition.  I still never saw a true special needs student.  They asked me to teach subjects I was not qualified for until my speciality had enough kids enrolled.  I have never been that stressed in my life.  2 years of that and I quit teaching and took a job traveling.  Then I came back and took a job in a public school.  While it is not perfect I prefer it far more than the private school.  I believe in public education and I would not spend one dime on any private school for my daughter ever after that experience.