Some people assume that private schools are inherently better than public schools.

Not really.

They select their students and remove those who don’t meet their demands.

One big advantage they have is they are free of meddling politicians.

This private school teacher gives her views:


I taught in public schools for nearly 30 years and transitioned to private schools after retiring a few years ago, and I can assure you that private schools are not immune from bullying. The world we live in is filled with mean people. Private schools are a good choice because the class sizes are conducive to learning, values are taught, and they have involved parents who are a great support and resource. With that being said, I am not an advocate of vouchers.
Public schools offer programs for special needs children that private schools cannot and do not provide. I agree that if we fund public education and provide manageable class sizes along with ongoing support for teachers and students, success will be an inevitable consequence for all students. The general public needs to be better informed about education because there are far too many misconceptions about the way things work.