Cathy Young, writing in The Bulwark, describes the far-right’s hatred for Zelensky and the Ukrainian cause.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted: “Zelensky is basically an ungrateful international welfare queen.”

He subsequently tweeted a photoshopped image of a naked Hunter Biden standing next to Zelensky on the podium at the Capitol. Twitter deleted his tweet, despite its famous abandonment of content moderation.

Tucker Carlson railed about Zelensky’s combat fatigues, calling them a disgrace.

On and on it goes. She points out that the far-right actually likes the “traditional” (authoritarian) values of Putin, Viktor Orban, and Jair Bolsonaro.

They despise the liberal secular values of the west and are hostile to Ukraine’s desire to be part of the west. So they heap insults on Zelensky and his embattled country, even as Russian missiles rain down on schools, hospitals, and apartment buildings.