Illinois Families for Public Schools is up against some of the biggest oligarchs in the country, who are firing off tweets against this grassroots group.

On Tuesday our Twitter account urged people to start paying attention to the upcoming 2023 school board elections across the state. Something about “bad actors who espouse ugly agendas” got the attention of one of the worst actors in the state, the Illinois Policy Institute. This organization, funded by millions of dollars from right-wing oligarchs like the Koch Family, Dick Uihlein, and Bruce Rauner, has a history of spreading lies about progressive policies. 

IPI’s twitter account went on the attack, sending dozens of tweets attacking us. Some tweets were attempts to tar us with our support of an elected school board and opting out of standardized tests (guilty as charged!), while others were outright lies. 

As you may know, we’re a very small, volunteer-led organization with only part-time staff, while IPI has a budget at least 100 times our own, and dozens of employees ready to attack at any moment—for something as minor as urging people to look up who’s running for their school boards. 

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-Team IL-FPS

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