A number of Republicans received Paycheck Protection Program loans, which were forgiven.

The White House tweeted a response to Republican Congressman Vern Buchanan of Florida, who complained about debt relief for college students. He received a Payroll Protection Program loan from the federal government of $2.3 million. The loan was forgiven.


Congressman Vern Buchanan had over $2.3 million in PPP loans forgiven.

Buchanan had tweeted:


“As a blue-collar kid who worked his way through college, I know firsthand the sacrifices people make to receive an education. Biden’s reckless, unilateral student loan giveaway is unfair to the 87 percent of Americans without student loan debt and those who played by the rules.”

So it’s okay for the federal government to give Congressman Buchanan $2.3 million, which he doesn’t have to pay back, but not to help college kids drowning in debt with a student loan forgiveness of $10,000-20,000?

Republican Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania complained on Twitter:

Asking plumbers and carpenters to pay off the loans of Wall Street advisors and lawyers isn’t just unfair. It’s also bad policy.

Yeah, all those millions of kids who got student loans are rich now, right?

@WhiteHouse tweeted:

Congressman Mike Kelly had $987,237 in PPP loans forgiven.

But that’s not all: