Sue Legg, a retired faculty member at the University of Florida and a member of the board of directors at the Network for Public Education, published an article in The Gainesville Sun about Governor Ron DeSantis’s takeover of the state’s civics curriculum. The old-style Republicans believed in leaving teachers alone and letting them to their job. The new-style, Trumpist Republicans believe that they must tell teachers what to teach.

DeSantis is a busy guy, so he has outsourced the Florida civics curriculum to Hillsdale College, the go-to evangelical college that tells conservative leaders what to think and converts it into a school curriculum.

The state’s new civics curriculum is expected to be in place by 2024.

It is difficult to believe that a small college in Michigan could impact Florida’s students at both the K-12 and postsecondary levels, but it has. DeSantis’ measures to revise the state standards for civics (HB 5), K-12 social studies (SB 1108), and postsecondary requirements regarding diversity of opinions (HB 233) are indicators.

Teacher training workshops are held to make the curriculum “more patriotic.” These changes were reviewed and modified by Hillsdale College. A new University of Florida Hamilton Institutewas funded by the Florida Legislature to develop civics courses at the college level. DeSantis has announced the creation of three community college civics career academies to train students to work in local government. 

Count on Ron DeSantis to encourage a “diversity of opinions,” not! When DeSantis gets involved, it is his way or the highway.