We know a lot of very disturbing facts about what happened on January 6 when a mob of thousands of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol building and held it for two hours.

We know the mob was incited by Trump, Guiliani, and others at the Trump rally that morning. Trump said repeatedly that Congress was meeting to certify the election of Joe Biden, that the election was stolen, that his followers must “stop the steal.” He urged the mob to march to the Capitol and falsely claimed that he would march with them. Of course, he didn’t, but they did.

When they entered the Capitol grounds, the Capitol Police were quickly overwhelmed. For some reason, though they knew about the Trump rally, they were not prepared for a mob. The barriers were knocked over, the domestic terrorists entered the hallowed halls of the Capitol, where they vandalized the building, went searching for Congressional leaders who had “betrayed” Trump, broke windows, smashed doors, smeared feces on the floor, and entered Congressional offices in search of Trump’s enemies.

Somehow they knew where House Minority Whip James Clyburn’s secret office was, although it was behind a marked door. They broke into Speaker Pelosi’s office and stole her laptop.

Some of the terrorists had a plan. Not only did they know the layout of the building and where to locate the key members of Congress, but they had flex cuffs, preparing to take hostages. Fortunately, the members of Congress were in a secure, undisclosed location.

The Pentagon and D.C. officials traded accusations, but there is little doubt that the Pentagon was very slow to provide aid and blocked state officials in Maryland and Virginia from sending in their National Guard.

A timeline released by the Pentagon late Friday says Capitol Police twice declined help from the Defense Department in the days prior to Jan. 6. But it also shows that when the city officials and the Capitol Police requested additional National Guard troops after rioters breached the Capitol, it took four hours for those troops to arrive...The Army secretary, not the city, set the number of National Guard troops at about 300, decided not to use armored vehicles and “established that the guard members were not to move East of 9th Street NW,” roughly nine blocks away from the foot of the Capitol, said mayoral spokeswoman LaToya Foster.

According to the Pentagon’s timeline, officials became aware of demonstrators moving to the Capitol just after 1 p.m. The timeline says that the Capitol Police ordered the building evacuated at 1:26, and that Mayor Bowser and Capitol Police Chief Sund requested help from the DoD by phone at 1:34 and 1:49 respectively.

The acting secretary of defense verbally authorized deployment of additional National Guard troops 75 minutes later, at 3:04 p.m., according to the timeline. The timeline describes an additional conversation with Bowser and a separate discussion of the Sund and Bowser requests by top Defense officials in the interim, but there also intervals of 33 and 30 minutes with no phone calls or meetings listed.

The timeline also lists a call between Bowser, the D.C. police chief and the Army secretary at 3:26, in which the defense official tells the local officials their request for troops was not rejected, and that the deployment has been authorized.

According to the timeline, the D.C. National Guard troops did not leave the D.C. armory until 5:04 p.m, and arrived at the Capitol at 5:40, four hours after they were first requested by the mayor.

At 5:45, the acting secretary of defense formally authorized Virginia and Maryland National Guard troops to support the Capitol Police. The governors of both states had offered their assistance hours earlier. Virginia’s Ralph Northam had tweeted the offer at 3:29 p.m.

You may recall that Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper after the election and replaced him and the top echelon of leaders at the Pentagon with Trump loyalists.

Jim Bourg of Reuters said he heard some of the rioters say they were looking for VP Pence so they could hang him.

Reuters photographer Jim Bourg, who was photographing protesters trying to break down doors to the Capitol building, said he heard three older white men in red “Make America Great Again” caps talking about finding Vice President Mike Pence to hang him from a tree as a “traitor.”

Bourg said shouts of “traitor” were common among other demonstrators as well. Pence was presiding over the electoral vote count, a largely ceremonial duty to confirm Biden’s victory. Trump had falsely suggested to his followers that Pence could ignore the official count and hand Trump a second term. Security agents rushed Pence from the Senate chamber after protesters breached the Capitol building.

There is a video on Twitter of the mob inside the Capitol chanting “Hang Mike Pence,” posted by @59Dallas.

Snopes confirmed that there was a noose erected outside the Capitol building

All of those who participated in this seditious action should be arrested and charged with sedition, not just trespassing. They were trying to stop the democratic process ordained in the Constitution, so they could install Trump for a second term, despite the fact that he lost the election. They are traitors, as is Trump. He was the instigator of the Insurrection and he should be held accountable. His enablers in Congress should also be held accountable.