in a startling interview with FOX Business News, Trump expressed his unhappiness with some of his most loyal allies.

He insisted that Attorney General William Barr should indict former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden for “the crime of the century,” meaning his suspicion that his campaign was bugged. He won the election, so it’s hard to know why he’s still complaining about the 2016 election.

“Unless Bill Barr indicts these people for crimes — the greatest political crime in the history of our country — then we’re going to get little satisfaction, unless I win,” Trump said, adding that he “won’t forget it” and that the crime “includes Obama, and that includes Biden.”

Trump also demanded that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo release all of Hillary Clinton’s emails. Why? The election is over. This may have been his most unhinged interview. Was it the drugs?

Late this afternoon, House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she would create a special committee to consider using the 25th amendment, which is a route to remove an incapacitated President. Since it requires a majority vote by the Cabinet, this does not appear to be a reasonable course.

That’s our job. The American people must remove him on November 3.