Trump has often expressed his opposition to the term limits for the presidency. He envies his friend Kim in North Korea, who is president for life. He envies his friends Vlad Putin, who just extended his president by 16 years, to 2036. Trump doesn’t see why the law or the Constitution should affect the longevity of his tenure in office, which he hopes to make eternal and then pass on to his progeny. His supporters like the idea of Trump now, Trump forever.

James Hohmann of the Washington Post describes Trump’s appearance last night:

President Trump surprised Republican delegates in Charlotte on Monday by appearing onstage after they officially nominated him for a second term. “Four more years,” the crowd chanted. Trump had another idea. “If you really want to drive them crazy, you say ‘12 more years,’” he said. So they did.

With that, the president launched into a 50-minute monologue that set the tone for the four-night convention, which he is stage-managing and will conclude Thursday night with a fireworks show over the Washington Monument.

After warning that Democrats are against guns, gasoline and God – in that order – the president accused his opponents of spying on him in 2016 and preparing to perpetrate massive voter fraud to win this November.

“They’re trying to steal the election,” the president said, offering no evidence. “Now we’re in courts all over the country, and hopefully we have judges that are going to give it a fair call. Because if they give it a fair call, we’re going to win this election. The only way they can take this election away from us is if this is a rigged election.”

Moments later, Trump boasted about the number of friendly judges he has appointed, including Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch. “Some presidents have had none,” he said. “I have had two in a relatively short period of time. I will tell you: The next one could have two, three, four and even five.”

A nightmare scenario.