Governor Gavin Newsom has addressed the coronavirus pandemic with admirable calm.

Today, he announced his views about a gradual reopening of the state, depending on the state’s progress in combatting the virus.

Part of his plan–or at least speculation–was the possibility that schools might reopen in late July or early August.

Is this a wise move? I don’t know, neither does anyone else?

Will the disease be under control by then?

There will not be a vaccine. Will the adults who teach and lead and staff the schools feel that the time is right?

Governor Newsom needs to hear from their leaders and work with them to be sure that the schools are safe for both children and adults.

The one overriding lesson of this tragedy is that health matters more than test scores. The grown-ups should stop worrying about children “falling behind,” because everyone is in the same boat. Make sure that everyone is safe.