I don’t know about you but my inbox is crowded with humorous videos of all kinds. Some are too raunchy to post. Some make fun of the toilet paper shortage and what it means. Some poke fun at our nation’s leaders.

There is nothing funny about a pandemic, but somehow humor pops up as people seek relief from social isolation.

This video was sent to me by my brother in Florida, who got it from…who knows. It’s all over Twitter and other social media.

Trump vs. God on Easter Sunday.

The creator of the video is credited, and apparently it has had millions of views.

Please note that Donald Trump called on Americans to crowd the pews of their churches on Easter Sunday, which he designated as the day when the economy would restart.

However, after his medical team told him that the coronavirus was not under control and that it might produce hundreds of thousands of deaths, he changed his mind and declared that the nation should not resume normal activities until at least the end of April.

We will learn on Easter Sunday whether his avid followers learned of his change of views.