A reader made this sensible proposal. In the midst of a public health crisis, with various schools and districts closed, the state tests should be cancelled.

The writer says:

Here’s something else that must be cancelled: NYS 3-8 ELA and Math tests set to start in two weeks.

I called NYSED today to share my concern about testing amidst a health emergency. The kind gentleman on the phone said I should email him my concerns and he would pass them on.

I highly recommend everyone in New York State who cares about kids and teachers to do the same. Give NYSED a call at 518-474-3852 and follow the prompts. Or email your concerns to: emscassessinfo@nysed.gov

For now, forget everything else you dislike about testing. Let’s just focus on how terrible it is to further stress out both teachers and students on these tests at this time. We’re in the middle of an unprecedented health emergency. Schools are closing. Shows, conferences, and weddings are being cancelled. Our future is uncertain. State testing should not be a factor in how we survive this crisis.

Please call or email.

Thank you.