Jan Resseger will be in Pittsburgh tomorrow for the Public Education Forum where Democratic candidates will be questioned about their stands on important issues in public education.

One of those issues is where the candidates stand vis-a-vis charter schools.

Resseger points out that the NPE report, Still Asleep at the Wheel, provides fodder for asking candidates about the federal Charter Schools Program, which currently receives $440 million a year to increase the number of charter schools. Betsy DeVos uses this money to underwrite charters in states where they are not wanted (New Hampshire) or needed (Alabama), and to underwrite organizations that launch charter schools.

The importance of this report is that it addresses an issue that the President can control. If he or she calls for the elimination of the CSP, that slush fund will be cut off. States can still open charter schools, but the federal government will not be paying for them to do so. The Waltons and the DeVos family and Charles Koch and Philip Anschutz and Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg can pay for them.