This is a fascinating and informative article about the perilous world of edtech by the mistress of edtech debunkers, Audrey Watters.

Watters attended a meeting of edtech entrepreneurs and investors in San Diego, where she quickly picked up on their braggadocio, their lingo, and their misinformation.

We used to speak of hedge fund managers as the “masters of the universe.”

Once you have read Watters, you will see that the edtech entrepreneurs see themselves in that esteemed role, ruling our universe and controlling our future.

Of course, they all share the belief that they must reinvent the schools by privatizing them.

And they worship at the shrine of Zuckerberg and other titans of their industry.

Join her as she takes you to the ASU-GSV annual conference, which, she says, is timed to coincide with AERA, so that the entrepreneurs will never be tainted by contact with any actual education researchers.