This comment came from a member of UTLA:

“I think we all can celebrate. that Monica Ratliff won that election. The efforts of many UTLA members helped in that effort, and may have played a major role in her election.

“It is interesting though, to look at the article at about Monica’s victory–

“Here is a quote in it from UTLA president Warren Fletcher:

“We are overjoyed that a working classroom teacher will be part of the School Board,” UTLA President Warren Fletcher said. “She has on-the-ground knowledge of the harmful policies and destructive mismanagement that have hurt our schools, and she will bring a perspective that is sorely needed.”

“I totally agree with everything he said above. But I have to wonder about that robocall from Fletcher we received on Monday, that spoke of “two fine candidates” for that school board election, implying that there was no difference between the two, and that both were equally good, when the facts were exactly the opposite.

“I also have to wonder about both Fletcher and UTLA Secretary David Lyell attending the David Sanchez (Ratliff’s opponent) “victory” party Tuesday night.

“I also have to wonder about a union president (Fletcher) who when appealed to personally by Diane Ravitch to fully support Monica Ratliff, never responded to her e-mail, and continued an absolutely ridiculous policy of “dual endorsement”.

“Another quote from that article:

“Monica Ratliff’s win continues a solid streak of success for UTLA-endorsed candidates.”

“What gall for UTLA leadership to take credit for the Ratliff win! (Many UTLA members deserve credit for helping Ratliff to win, but certainly not UTLA leadership, not one iota.) Do they so underestimate the intelligence of UTLA members, that they “endorse” both candidates in a two-way race so that they can claim “victory” no matter which of the two wins against the other? (I am sure they would also be claiming “victory” if Sanchez had won, although that would have been a great loss for the teachers and students of this school district..)

“Although most UTLA members are like myself, very happy with the Ratliff win, I don’t think we should therefore excuse the inexcusable behavior of UTLA leadership in this race. I think there should be an independent investigation of this, leading to a possible impeachment, recall, or vote of no confidence in some or all of current UTLA officers.

“I think their actions in this race were cowardly, dishonest, corrupt, and irresponsible.”