Commissioner John King asked business leaders to help push Common Core implementation, despite the fact that teachers say they are not prepared. This is a flat-out rejection of Randi Weingarten’s request for a moratorium on linking test results to consequences. Randi told city and state leaders that curriculum and professional development should precede testing.

This is John King’s answer. If it’s John King’s answer, it is also Merryl Tisch’s answer. She is John King’s boss.

King thoughtfully wrote a pledge for business leaders to sign, agreeing to demand the Common Core, whether teachers are ready or not.

Robert Corcoran, president of the GE Foundation, agreed with King that delay is not an option:

“Some of those at Thursday’s talk downplayed the lack of prep time.
Corcoran, for example, maintained that there’s never enough time to fully prepare for a lot of endeavors, and that can become a trap leading to endless planning but no action.
Businesses, he said, frequently begin new initiatives before they are totally perfect.
“You launch it and you learn,” Corcoran said. “You can’t afford to wait.”

As Merryl Tisch memorably said, “It is time to jump into the deep end,” referring to the Common Core tests. Even the kids who can’t swim should jump into deep end.