If you are a parent or educator in Florida, please let your faith leader know about a new organization that is forming to stop the privatization of public schools. The initiative is led by Charles Foster Johnson, who has brought together similar groups in other states. The first meeting is March 26.

Rev. Johnson is a great friend of public schools who believes in separation of church and state. He is an active member of the Network for Public Education.

He writes below about the launch of a new pro-public education group and an event that is coming up at the Florida Capitol on March 26.

Rev. Johnson writes:

“The group is called Pastors for Florida Children and it is comprised of ministers and lay-leaders of all faiths across the state.   

“There will be an organizational meeting on Tuesday afternoon March 26 at approx. 1:30 p.m. and then a press conference and prayer circle at the Capitol at 3:30 p.m. Again this legislative session, our public schools are taking a beating in Tallahassee and I hope you agree that a group like this has the potential to be incredibly powerful!  Similar groups in other states have made a big difference for public schools.

“If you can attend, I will forward your name and contact information to the organizers so they can contact you with the details. 

“Can we count on you for March 26th?

“Please Reply with RSVP for lunch count or questions to charlie@charlesfosterjohnson.com or suzii.paynter@gmail.com



Rev. Charles Foster Johnson

Executive Director, Pastors for Children”


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