New York has a mad crush on test scores. It’s been this way for many years. But it has never been as crazy as now.

The state commissioner, MaryEllen Elia, hates opting out. She wants all students to have scores.

About 20% of theeligible students didn’t take the state tests and that made Elia very, very angry.

She decided to get even by punishing schools where students didn’t take the tests.

They disobeyed!

Here is a letter that a principal wrote to the parents of his school, trying to explain how their school, with scores higher than the city average, ranked in the bottom two 2% statewide!

The school had sinned! 80% of the students did not take the tests because their parents said no.

Commissioner Elia can’t figure out how to punish the students and the parents, so she is punishing their school!