Our blog poet was recently inspired to write about Arne Duncan’s truly terrible ideas about education.

Worst ideas all the way down

Duncan’s worst idea
Is resting on another
And what is very clear
Is that one had a mother

“Duncan’s Views on Testing”

(The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)

We’re only for the Good tests,
And really hate the Bad
And certainly, the Ugly tests
Were always just a fad

“America ruins on Duncan”

“America ruins on Duncan”
The motto of reform
Where every school is flunkin’
And dough nut$ are the norm

“The Duncan-Kruger Effect”

The Duncan-Kruger Effect
Is rife with school “reform”
Where thinking has been checked
And chutzpah is the norm

The Era of Arne Err”

This decade, let’s be clear,
Is “Era of Arne Err”
No education here
Just testing, VAMs and fear

21st Century Medicine”

He dragged them kicking and screaming
The kids and all their teachers
Cuz Arne‘s into bleeding
With testing and with leeches

“The Arneanderthals”
The school “reform” was hatched
In agency of ads
And policy was snatched
From prehistoric fads

“Duncan’s Speechwriter”
Putting words in Arne’s mouth
That’s my job, and man I’m proud
Speech about “surburban mom”
Man, that really was ‘da bomb’

“Duncan Cover”

Duncan Cover
Not a drill
It’s all over
Fetch your will
Arne’s coming
Through the err
Tests are bombing
VAM is flying
Teachers scream
No denying
Duncan’s scheme