Scott Walker will face off against Democrat Tony Evers in November’s gubernatorial election.

Evers is the state superintendent of education.

Walker is running on his “education record,” which includes busting the teachers’ union, expanding vouchers and charters, defunding education, both K-12 and higher education. At one point, he even tried to rewrite the mission statement of the University of Wisconsin, changing its emphasis on “the search for truth” and “improve the human condition” to one focused on career training (“meet the state’s workforce needs.”)

Politico reports that the Koch brothers are investing in another term for their puppet:

SEVEN-FIGURE AD BUY TOUTS WALKER’S EDUCATION RECORD: Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin is launching a $1.8 million television and digital ad campaign highlighting Gov. Scott Walker’s education record. Specifically, the conservative group details past praise of Walker’s education record from his Democratic opponent in the governor’s race, Wisconsin state Superintendent Tony Evers. Watch the ad here.

— Caitlin Emma and Daniel Strauss reported last month that Walker is staking his reelection on his education record — and his political future could rest on how that message plays with voters. Walker essentially broke the state teachers union with Act 10, explosive legislation that he championed in 2011, gutting the collective bargaining rights of labor unions. Rather than run from the controversy sparked by the bill, Walker is embracing it, insisting that battling the teachers unions gave school districts more control over their staffs and helped officials balance the state budget, both of which have made schools better.

— Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin notes that Evers praised Walker’s most recent budget as a “pro-kid budget.” But Evers, one of the few statewide officials elected with Democratic support, has gone after Walker for cutting education funding or keeping it flat during the early years of his administration. Evers said the cuts prompted school districts to push for increases in property taxes. When he spoke to POLITICO last month, he took credit for “90 percent” of Walker’s recent budget proposal.

— Democrats, through the Democratic Governors Association, also recently announced a $1.8 million ad buy backing Evers. The ad campaign paints Walker as an insider politician who shunned Wisconsin residents while pursuing higher aspirations and traces Evers’ career from the classroom to superintendent of 2,000 public schools