Read what happened when high school valedictorian Ben Bowling gave his speech at graduation, and included an inspiring quote that he attributed to Trump. The crowd cheered heartily.

Then, he said, Sorry, that quote was Obama.

Ben Bowling’s graduation speech was one of the rare instances where electoral polling numbers can help us understand humor.

The 18-year-old is the valedictorian of the Bell County High School Class of 2018, about 80 miles north of Knoxville, Tenn.

The closest a 21st-century Democratic presidential candidate has come to winning the hearts and minds of the people of Bell County, Ky., was in 2004, when John F. Kerry got 39 percent of people there to punch a ticket for him.

Every other race has been (more of) a landslide by whoever happened to be on the Republican side of the ballot: nearly 71 percent for John McCain in 2008, according to the state’s board of elections. Mitt Romney got 76 percent in 2012, and Donald Trump received an overwhelming 82 percent of Bell County’s votes in 2016.

On Saturday, Bowling was slated to give a speech before his cap-and-gown-wearing peers and their families, as he noted in one fourth-wall breaking segment.

Read the inspiriting quote and the crowd’s response.