This is the weekly round up of testing news from FairTest, which has been fighting the misuse of standardized testing since 1973:

The message from parents, students, educators and community leaders could not be clearer: the path to educational progress requires reducing testing and eliminating high stakes. Policy-makers in many jurisdictions are starting to listen and implement real assessment reforms. Keep the pressure on!

Florida Kindergarten “Readiness” Testing Is Part of War on Youngest Children
Florida Increase in Exit Exam Alternative Cut Scores Could Reduce Graduation Rate

Georgia Parent Offers Advice for Gates and Zuckerberg on How to Really Improve Education

Louisiana Adding Up the Costs of State-Mandated Testing

Maine High School Test Scores Are Not Good Predictors of Undergraduate (and Life) Success

Massachusetts School Receivership Is the Ultimate Test-Score Misuse

Massachusetts Debunking Claims About Automated Scoring of Essay Tests

Michigan Don’t Punish Schools with Poor Readers, Invest in The

Mississippi Licensing Test Cut-Off Score a Barrier to Entry for Aspiring Teachers

New Mexico Teachers, School Officials Seek to Block K-3 Testing and Retention Plan

New York Test-Based Teacher Evaluation Is a Ghastly Mistake That Will Not Die

North Carolina School Board Wrestles Over Role of “Irrelevant” Tests

Tennessee New Testing Company Owns Old One That Fouled Up

Texas Thousands of Test Takers Plagued By Computer Exam Glitches Again
Texas Special Ed. Students Most Impacted by Testing Foul Ups
Texas Why Do Tests Dominate Education

Utah More Standardization and Testing Is Not the Cure for Education Problems

Wyoming School Board Resists Directive to Test Youngest School Children

University Admissions Why Hampshire College Refuses to Consider ACT/SAT Scores
University Admissions Tests May Become Optional for Law School Acceptance

Worst Reading Test-Based Rankings for Teacher-Prep Programs Are Bunk

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