Tennessee has had three straight years of computer breakdowns and other problems with its testing vendor, Questar. (Questar is also the test provider for New York State, perhaps others.)

The state is so disgusted by Questar’s performance that Governor Haslam said he might switch the contract from Questar to ETS.

That’s a good one! As testing guru Fred Smith informed me, ETS owns Questar.

ETS is not problem free, either. “The changes highlight a possible strategic shift for ETS whose reputation came under fire last year when the nonprofit had to pay $20.7 million dollars in damages and upgrades after multiple testing problems in Texas.”

Would someone in Tennessee please let Governor Haslam and Commissioner McQueen know?

Questar is the for-profit face of nonprofit ETS. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.

A distinction without a difference.