North Carolina joined the wave of teacher protests against underfunding.

Read about their protest hereand here (great photo)and here (where teachers cornered the legislator who called them “thugs”).

In the last link from the local paper:

“Rep. Mark Brody spent a lot of time Wednesday explaining that when he wrote “union thugs” were behind the rally that brought thousands of educators to Raleigh, he wasn’t talking about individual teachers.

“It was not intended that way,” he told one group.

“Brody, a Monroe Republican, said he was referring to the National Education Association in his Facebook post.

“Teachers made it a point to find Brody on Wednesday to tell him that they were hurt, shocked or offended when they heard about his comments.

“I’m a grandmother, not a thug,” said Ira Reed. She works for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg arm of the N.C. Association of Educators, retiring from work in local school districts after 39 years.

“Reed defended unions after Brody said his strong opposition to public employee unions were at the root of his “thugs” Facebook post.

“I’ve been schooled a lot in the last couple of hours,” Brody said. “I support the message that you’re bringing. I just don’t support the method.”

“Brody said teachers shouldn’t have had their rally on a school day. At least 42 school districts, including the state’s largest, canceled classes Wednesday.

“During the wide-ranging conversation, Brody agreed with Reed that teacher “pay-for-performance” was wrong. He said also that he wants to eliminate end-of-grade exams, eliminate Common Core standards and return control of school calendars to the local districts.”

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