Mike Klonsky remembers Deborah Gist. I do too. http://michaelklonsky.blogspot.com/2018/04/remember-deborah-gist.html

Gist is currently Superintendent in Tulsa. She was quoted sympathetically in the Washington Post yesterday, expressing solidarity with the teachers of Oklahoma.

In 2010, Gist was Commissioner of Education in Rhode Island. She backed the superintendent of tiny and impoverished Central Falls, who wanted to fire the entire staff of the high school because of low scores. Arne Duncan saluted Gist for her courage in pushing the massfiring of every adult in the school. President Obama echoed Duncan. TIME magazine hailed Hist as one of the nation’s leading educators, all because of her desire to clean out the staff at Central Falls.

I had my own run-in with her. Gist wanted to bring charter schools to Rhode Island. The then-Governor said he wanted to meet with me before making a decision. I came to Providence to lecture at one of the local universities and had an hour on the Governor’s calendar for a private conversation. Gist insisted on sitting in on the meeting. We never had a private conversation.

The teachers in Rhode Island were outraged by the treatment of their colleagues at Central Falls. She was no friend of teachers then.

Has she had a change of heart?