Denis Smith tells the stories of two very different people in Urbana, Ohio. 

One is a heartwarming story about a good man who acted kindly towards two impoverished children at Christmastime, whose story appeared on the CBS Sunday Morning show as an example of a man with a big heart.

The other story is about a mean-spirited Congressman from Urbana who enjoys protecting the rich and killing federal programs that help the poor and needy children.

One man is remembered long after his death for his kindness and warm heart. The other, a Congressman named Jim Jordan, inspires contempt and loathing. Former GOP House Speaker Jim Boehner referred to Jim Jordan as a “legislative terrorist.” No one ever refers to him as kind or caring. He reserves his “caring” for corporations.

Here’s hoping the Democratic Party finds a good candidate to challenge this heartless, unkind, uncaring, uninspiring member of Congress.