A group of parents at Eva Moskowitz’s New $68 Million flagship Success Academy don’t like the boot camp discipline and heavy homework nightly.

“Moskowitz’s heavily hyped Success Academy Hudson Yards Middle School, which so far enrolls about 200 kids in grades five and six, is meant to be a model for her to share her education gospel with schools from around the world through a new Education Institute that was launched at the school in June.

“But already Moskowitz has encountered some difficulties.

“An anonymous group of parents at the school has sent scathing letters to Moskowitz and Hudson Yards Principal Malik Russell that decry what they call draconian disciplinary tactics.

“The parents charge Russell gives detention for minor infractions such as failing to clasp their hands, failing to make eye contact and inadvertently breaking wind in class.

“It’s like a military-style boot camp,” said one of the parents, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.

“The kids have two hours of homework a night,” the parent added. “They don’t have time for playdates, they have no time for a life.”

As Trump would say, “they knew what they signed up for.” Draconian discipline.

As Betsy DeVos would say, “Get out and make another choice.”