Jon Shore writes about the Boston Municipal Research Bureau:

“The goal of Boston Municipal Research Bureau Samuel Tyler is to dummy down the Boston Public Schools. The “bold reform” that Samuel Tyler is always talking about is closing and consolidating schools, warehousing children and hiring unqualified, uncertified TFA “corps members” and TNTP “fellows.” These people would never be hired in the tony Massachusetts suburbs of Weston, Wellesley, or Holliston, where Samuel Tyler lives, so why would he entertain hiring them here to educate vulnerable children in Boston Public Schools?

“Boston Municipal Research Bureau Sam Tyler represents the large businesses and institutions that depend on a low wage, no benefit, service sector workforce to maintain their status quo! In Boston, the accommodation and food service industry provides the largest number of jobs and pays the lowest wages.

“Someone needs to make all those beds and Latte’s down in the waterfront and the ugly truth is members of the Boston Municipal Research Bureau are targeting urban youth in Boston for those jobs. That’s their back-up plan as ICE continues to arrest and remove undocumented workers from the state. You have to consider this with ICE being able to snatch undocumented people, currently filling many of those service sector jobs, at roadblocks as they did a few weeks ago in New Hampshire! Three of those detained were Boston Public School students.”