You may be familiar with an education news site called The 74. It was founded by Campbell Brown, the strident critic of unions and public schools and teachers. It now owns a website in Los Angeles called LA School Report and another called Top Sheet.

Ever wonder where the money comes from? Billionaires, of course, including billionaires who are hostile to unions and public schools. One regular contributor to The 74 is Peter Cunningham, who was Assistant Secretary for Communications (public relations) for Arne Duncan. Cunningham is editor of a website called Education Post, which is funded by some of the same billionaires, including Eli Broad, the Walton Family, Bill & Melinda Gates, the Emerson Collective (Laurene Powell Jobs), the Joyce Foundation, and Michael Bloomberg. In a recent post at The 74, he aligned his own views with those of Betsy DeVos, one of the funders of The 74. On the issue of privatization, school choice, charters, and vouchers, there is no longer any distance between the education policies of the Obama administration and those of the Trump administration. What a strange world. Sad.

Despite the many millions poured into these websites, I venture to guess that they have fewer readers than the blogs written by teachers like Anthony Cody, Julian Vasquez Heilig, Jose Vilson, Steve Singer, Mercedes Schneider, Gary Rubinstein, Arthur Goldstein, Paul Thomas, Leonie Haimson, Peter Greene, the BadAss Teachers, and yours truly. None of our blogs are underwritten by billionaires or millionaires. We write because we believe that the destruction of public schools is wrong.

In case you ever wondered who supports The 74 and its related entities, here is a screen shot: