There are many reasons to object to diverting public dollars to religious and private schools. One reason is that every dollar that goes to a nonpublic school is subtracted from a public school. A vote for vouchers is a vote to defund public schools and impose budget cuts on them.

One of our readers is an avid supporter of school choice. When he asked why anyone objects to school choice, this was my reply:

“I object to paying for religious indoctrination in any faith including my own.

“I object to my tax dollars paying for schools that discriminate against children based on their race, their sexual orientation, or their disabilities.

“If the Supreme Court eliminates the state Blaine amendments and allows tax dollars to subsidize religious schools, expect that lawsuits will challenge their discriminatory admission policies, and states will begin demanding that their students take the same tests and meet the same standards as all publicly funded schools. Expect states to require the hiring of certified teachers in schools that take public money.

“The religious and private schools that want to protect their autonomy will not accept state money. Only the very marginal schools, those that can’t fill their seats, will take the money.”

What are your reasons for supporting or opposing tax dollars for private school choice?