T.C. Weber blogs in Nashville (and around the world) as “Dad Gone Wild.” He is a parent of children in the Nashville public schools, and he is as bewildered as everyone else by the movement to hand public schools over to private interests. He is equally appalled by the amount of money that has been spent to defeat school board members who support public education and oppose privatization.

In this post, he interviews Amy Frogge, a public school parent, lawyer, and school board member who just won re-election despite being outspent.

Amy describes why she decided to run for the Metro Nashville school board, how she won her first election despite her opponent having a 5-1 advantage in campaign funds, and how she won again, despite the money from groups like “Stand for Children,” which supports school privatization. When she first became involved, she knew nothing about the battle against privatization, she just wanted to help.

The Nashville story should be told in every state and every district. It is a valiant story of parents and friends of public education banding together to defeat the deceptive advertising and campaign funding by privatizers and corporate interests.

Whenever anyone feels down about the amount of money pouring into the state or the district to privatize public schools, think of Nashville, pick yourself up, and keep fighting.