The Center for Education Policy released the results of a survey of nationally representative sample of teachers, which probed their feelings about their profession and the demands made on them today.


The survey sought to “learn their views on the teaching profession, state standards and assessments, testing, and teacher evaluations. The report, Listen to Us: Teacher Views and Voices, summarizes these survey findings, including responses indicating that public school teachers are concerned and frustrated with shifting policies, over emphasis on student testing, and their lack of voice in decision-making.”


Readers of this blog will not be surprised that teachers feel burdened by mandates from the district, the state, and federal officials. They feel excluded from decision-making. They feel too much time is spent on testing. They don’t mind testing, but they think there are too many of them. They wish they had smaller classes. They teach because they like to help children learn.


But it must seem that an awful lot of politicians, bureaucrats, and consultants get in their way as they try to do their job. Is this a statement of the obvious?


What do you think?







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