Ken Wagner, who was deputy commissioner of education in New York when Jihn King was commissioner, is now commissioner in Rhode Island. He brings with him the tattered faith in charter schools and standardized testing that marked King’s tumultuous tenure.


Wagner wants public schools to be more like charter schools. It seems only fair that public schools should be freed of the mNdates that charter schools are relieved of.



However, some questions should be cleared up.



Will ill public schools be free to exclude students with disabilities, like charter schools?


Will they be free to exclude students who don’t speak English?


Will they be free to adopt “no excuses” disciplinary codes?


Will they they be free to suspend children as young as 5, repeatedly?


Will they be free to pay their CEO $400,000-500,000?


Will they be free to break their teachers’ contract?


These are a few questions that should be answered before moving forward.