The Oregon state legislature passed a law permitting parents to opt their children out of state tests.


The state Department of Education is not happy. It sent out a form to parents interesting in opting out. Before signing the form, they must read a warning that parents will lose access to valuable information about their child and may harm their child’s school.


An article by Betsy Hammond in The Oregonian captures the parents’ reaction:


The portion of the form that has testing opponents most livid are the two sentences above the line where a parent must put their signature to get their child out of testing:


“I understand that by signing this form I may lose valuable information about how well my child is progressing in English language arts and math. In addition, opting out may impact my school and district’s efforts to equitably distribute resources and support student learning.”


Steve Buel, a Portland school board member who is a leader in the anti-testing group Oregon Save Our Schools, called the forms “maliciously misleading.”


Opt Out parents don’t like to be intimidated or condescended to.


This parent predicts:


As in other states, Oregon will start to see building principals, district administrators, superintendents stepping forward about the harmful effects of high-stakes testing. School board members, teachers, specialists, parents, and students have been speaking up, and the numbers continue to grow. ODE adding that phrase above the signature is not only misleading, it’s obnoxious, and on the wrong side of history.