Ah, just what we needed: A new “reform” group to tell teachers what they should do and when and how and where and etc.

Peter Greene warns his readers to beware of a new group called #TeachStrong.

He points out that among the 40 organizations endorsing this initiative are the usual reformster groups, like Teach for America, the NCTQ, RelayGSE (the “graduate school for charter teachers), and a host of other familiar names, in addition to the anomalous AFT and NEA.

Peter reviews the new group’s goals and writes:

So, mostly the same old stuff. Make life harder for teachers in concrete ways (licensure, tenure) but try to offset it in vague ways (more time, and tools, and PD). And as always– absolutely nothing about giving teachers a strong voice in the direction of their profession.

No, the promise here is that we will ask more of you and do more to you.

And yet there are some odd features here. For instance, much of this is not exactly in tune with the TFA five-weeks, no-real-license plan. But in her WaPo piece, Lyndsey Layton reports that TFA basically has no intention of changing what they do, they just thought this seemed like a cool initiative to join. Really? Why would they sign on to this if they didn’t support the stated goals? Hmmm…

The assumption of this new group is that teachers are the problem. They need to be fixed. Once again, no mention of working conditions or of the conditions that harm children’s opportunity to learn.

He suspects that this foreshadows Hillary Clinton’s education plank.

Peter concludes that having a seat at this table is not good for teachers.