Ohio Equity and Adequacy Coalition reports that public school districts are billing the state for revenue lost to state-created charters. Thus far, three districts have billed the state. There are likely to be more. 


Here is the first:
“Woodridge Local School District invoices Ohio Department of Education (ODE) in the amount of $5,027,058.38 for deductions of funds for charter schools


“The Woodridge Local School District Board of Education authorized Superintendent Walter Davis and Treasurer Deanna Levenger to invoice ODE to recoup losses of $5,027,058.38 for deductions made to charter schools for the period of FY 2000 through FY 2015.

The Logan Hocking Board of Education adopted a resolution to invoice the state, in the amount of $4,729,901, for the charter school deductions since year 2000. This sparked a front page article in the Logan Daily News.

The article covered several aspects of the privatization movement.

Ed Penrod, a board member and OSBA President, is quoted in the article, “What is going on needs public outcry.””

“The Woodridge Board of Education urges other districts to do likewise.”
William Phillis

Ohio E & A 
Now another district has sent a bill to the state:
“Another district invoices the state for funds lost to charters
“Logan Hocking Local School District adopted a resolution October 26 to bill the state in the amount of nearly $5 million for deductions for charter students. One of the Board members, Edgar Penrod, is President of the Ohio School Boards Association this year.”

William Phillis

Ohio E & A